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On September 13, 2022, voters in the Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District will cast their ballot on a bond issue that represents both a long-term school facilities solution and a progressive vision for the future.


Edgewood-Colesburg Community Schools' mission is to assist and ensure that each student achieves his or her level of educational excellence. 

To ensure students have the opportunities to obtain this mission, Part of our mission involves recognizing educational opportunities for the


future. The Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District Board of Education is committed to a long-term vision to improve the district's facilities.


The Edgewood-Colesburg Board of Education partnered with StruXture in 2016 to begin a facility study.  In the early summer of 2021, a district facility committee was reestablished to develop a plan to improve district facilities. This committee was made up of community members, elementary and secondary staff, and students. After examining many options, the facility committee recommended to the Edgewood-Colesburg Board of Education to continue with the process to propopse a bond referendum to meet the district's needs.


The Board is now working with Demmer Architecture and Emergent Architecture for design ideas.  


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